• Image of the (Wailing) Wailers t shirt Chicago Grey
  • Image of the (Wailing) Wailers t shirt Chicago Grey

Initially a six piece outfit the classic Wailers line up took shape under Joe Higgs during their time at Studio 1, (1963-66), but it was in 1970 when Lee Perry produced and masterminded their return with a Soulrebel sound that the Wailers and Jamaican music began to establish itself firmly on the international music map.

For 5 years, beginning in 1973 with Catch a Fire and ending in 1978 with Exodus, the Wailers played a part in my learning curve and were instrumental in opening the door to Jamaican music both for me and many of my generation, leading to the discovery of cats such as The Heptones, Burning Spear, I Roy, Big Youth and Dillinger, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown and Gregory Issacs.

the ORiGiNAL Wailing Wailers t Shirt, (first produced in 2007), is designed and INDEPENDENTLY produced, (as are all the bloodsweatandtees releases), in TRIBUTE to the singers, producers, players, writers, songs, books, films, knowledgehustlers and cultural heroes that continue to influence the narrative of 'the Outsider'

LIMITED EDITION print runs available in 5 colours and 5 Sizes. Screen Printed in England on 100% semi combed Cotton, tubular construction, premium, t Shirts using water based, non toxic, ink and sustainable, local, production methods. An ORIGiNAL bloodsweatandteeS Artwork ... often copied NEVER bettered

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