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is an authentic, original label for soulrebels and street culture knowledgehustlers everywhere...designed and produced LOCALLY, in England in SMALL batches as TRIBUTES to my/our cultural heroes.
Conceived in London by theurbanmusicologist bloodSweat&teeS is an evolving knowledge project informed and narrated by the music of the streets that I have grown up with from birth.
the primary motivation behind this idea is to connect, communicate and share the message globally combining the universal language of the image and the T-Shirt as canvas to express OUR identity rather than the one forced apoun us.
focusing on but not restricted to the universal language of music bloOdsweat&teeS aims to provide the outKast/piRate/reBel/revolutiOnist/outSider with teeS that celebrate our identity and pay genuine tribute to my/our ‘heroes’ no matter what colour, race, age or creed. 100% Cotton Tee. Seamless Body Construction... the ultimate t-shirt for those who desire a ready to wear, lighter weight loose-fitting shirt.


W 48 52 54 56 58 62 CM

L 60 70 70 72 76 78 CM

MEASUREMENTS are subject to slight changes due to MANUFACTURING process.

Tip: Measure a T-shirt you have that fits you well and pick the size closest to it.


Wash at 30c. Iron however you want. ONE of the MANY benefits of using Water Based Inks is that you can iron straight over the print without fear of ruining the tee AND the iron.

Questions & Answers

“Do you hold stock”?
Barely. the tees are produced in VERY small batches so it’s possible that the one you see may never be reprinted if you like what you see, you hesitate and it sells out please don’t be offended if it isn’t repeated.

"What is the difference between the 'Classic' and Dubplate?"
Feel, hang and price. The entry level 'Classic' is a 100% Cotton tee whereas the 'Dubplate' is the dOn gorgOn, Hot Stepper, Champion sOund of t-shirts combining 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic cotton to deliver a garment that genuinely needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated and understood.

“My tee/sweatshirt is damaged/not what I ordered. What do I do”?
Contact us and we will sort it out.

“If I'm not pleased with the product can I send it back”?
Yes, providing it's unworn, complete, in original packaging and it's less than 14 days since you received it. Please contact us before sending anything back. We will refund the product, but not the shipping.

“It has been X days and I still haven't received my tee/sweatshirt. What do I do”?
Please read our delivery/returns info. Make sure that at least double the shipping time has passed since you got the e-mail stating that your order has been sent (not processed). If it has, please contact us via the Contact page.

“I need the tee/sweatshirt at a specific date, can you guarantee it”?
Sorry, but no, we can't. We WILL do our best but ALL shipping in the final stage is up to the shipping carrier.

“I'm a reseller, do you wholesale”?
bloOdsweat&tees has made the CONSCIOUS decision to deliver tees and sweatshirts at a price that allows as many people as possible to engage with the project. As the traditional wholesale price inflates the end price to levels that exclude many in the global community we have decided not to play the industrial mind-set game. If on the other hand you would be interested in becoming a portal in collaboration because we share similar beliefs and values then we would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to come to a mutual agreement.

“Do you have an affiliate program”?

“Do you giftwrap”?

“I have an idea for a shirt”
Great let’s hear it, (via the blog comments or Contact)

“How do you print”?
Screen Printing, old hand. Using water based inks. Better for ALL of us.

“Where do you print”.
Locally in the UK.

“What are the Tees made of”
100% Cotton (Classic) A mixture of Bamboo (70%) & Organic Cotton (30%) for the Dubplate
Sweatshirts are subject to availability.

“How about the Inks” ?
Water Based Inks, for a superior feel and durability. Water based inks are part of the tee rather than sit ON it, (plastic/transfer/vinyl) We understand the relationship between us and our cherished tees and want them to mature gracefully and become 'old friends' rather than crack, split and peel...looking like shit after a few washes.

“What about Import Taxes, Customs” ?
bloOdsweat&teeS is based in the European Union (EU). For people living in the EU that means no customs or additional taxes on your order. If you're not living in the EU, please check with your local customs authority about what charges might apply when purchasing goods from the EU. It's your responsibility to pay eventual customs and taxes on import from the EU.